So you want to start or will have to start a money-making blog so you can make money from money making machine. It is the best time to start.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and Quora are just a few examples of how social media is exploding with content. I know that the majority of you use these social media platforms.

According to Google Trends, Content Marketing ranks higher than 90 points. So it will be a great step towards earning money; it may not be full-time, but you can definitely do a side hustle.

We are all aware of the fluctuations in GDP, and you must take this seriously.

Now, let’s talk about something we all care about: money.

Seriously, I am addicted to blogging, and you must be as well. It’s been about 4 months since I started a blog and began publishing content.

Of course, I was overwhelmed when I first started, but things were going well.

Yes, I have made many mistakes and continue to do so because mistakes pave the way for success.

Take a look if you’re not sure where to begin.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Blog and Earning Six Figures Online.

Simply following the guide will allow you to leverage your income 50 times.

I’m not going to tell you about affiliate marketing, Adsense, marketing your products, or online courses because I believe you already know about them.

Easy Ways to Convert Your Blog Into a Money-Making Machine.

So, read on and you will understand what I am saying.

There are many ways to convert your blog into money making machine, Ready to go, so get started with impressive methods.

1 – Make use of email marketing – Money Making Machine

When you first start creating a blog and publishing stories. It will be difficult enough for you to succeed.

Email marketing will be a critical factor in your success. Subscription form, increasing your followers will 6x your income.

To increase your earnings, use Convertkit, MailChimp, or Sendinblue. They are, to some extent, providing a free service.

If you’re not even aware of it. It’s fine; learn it and read it.

Do you ever return to a website? No, even readers do not go to a website after reading something.

Jeff Walker makes millions of dollars from email marketing. Email Marketing is used as the money making machine.

2 – Guest Blog

Writing a guest post is critical for identifying your target audience from other websites. Check that the content is relevant to your niche, and that the audience is interested in your stories.

Find your competitors, research their domain score, and write on their websites. Collaborating with other bloggers will be extremely beneficial to you.

Enabling Guest Posting on your blog will help you get the most out of it. Guest bloggers will advertise after submitting their stories to your website.

Guest blog is also best money making machine. As a result, it will be a win-win situation for you. [Money Making Machine]

3 – Concentrate on Hot Topics

If you want to write about Introduction to Data Structures, Java, or Marketing, such blogs will not help you at all. This type of article has been written numerous times.

Readers want something new and current.

How will it be possible to write about current events? Simply by updating yourself on a daily basis. Reading books, watching the news, and so on.

Do you want to read old articles or stories? Certainly not. So, how can readers be interested in it?

Never clone or imitate a story from anywhere. It will not be ranked by Google.

4 – Read, Study, Write, and Format.

It’s not 2008, so don’t expect to be able to simply write about it. Read, become an expert, and then write.

Before publishing your stories, read them at least five times. Is it intriguing? Yes, go ahead; otherwise, learn more about it.

Then go ahead and publish? No, I told you it wasn’t 2008; you need to format it from the reader’s point of view.

The world is evolving. And you, too, must evolve.


What exactly is blogging? Ahhh, that’s all we know.

But do we notice anything unique about blogging? No, it does not. We’re just running in a rat race.