Educational Game And Apps For Your Kids

Educational Game And Apps For Your Kids

Educational Game And Apps For Your Kids – Education enables a person to realise their full potential, learn new skills, and become literate and moral.

A person’s life will be comfortable, bright, and rich if they raise the bar every day, achieve new heights, improve themselves, and seek answers to questions of interest.

The educational application can make the start of the continuous learning process memorable and exciting.

The best application will not only care for the child’s knowledge quality, but will also be able to instil a love of learning and an interest in developing their skills.

That is why an increasing number of applications incorporate mechanics into the user journey.

For example, the app’s core value is in providing gamified language learning opportunities that increase user interaction, engagement, and excitement from the educational process.

According to, 470 million educational apps were downloaded from the App Store in the fourth quarter of 2020, and 466 educational apps were downloaded from Google Play.

According to a, the three most downloaded educational apps in 2021 could boast 75, 70, and 65 million downloads, respectively.

According to statistics, the education software market will continue to grow and is expected to reach 11.3 billion dollars by 2024.

That means there will be even more educational apps on the market. How does one choose among millions of apps those that deserve the title of best app and can easily win the heart of any child?

This article will introduce you to ten preschool and kindergarten language learning apps that not only entertain but also benefit children by turning mundane tasks into games.

This list is based on app ratings, which are typically 4+ on the App Store and Google Play markets. Furthermore, all applications are free of advertisements, shielding the child from potentially irritating elements.


Why is this useful for parents? [Educational Game And Apps For Your Kids]


Top ratings do not happen by accident. Parents are eager to provide only the best for their children. The same is true for learning new skills through applications. The most reliable apps for learning languages for children can be found here.


What makes it appealing to entrepreneurs and startup founders?


Early learning is a modern trend in which parents strive to provide their children with only the best educational opportunities for a better future.

It’s no surprise that the most popular apps are aimed at preschoolers. Here are some of the most important findings:


  • More than 80% of the top-selling apps are for children.
  • Preschool children account for approximately 72% of the top-selling education apps.
  • Preschoolers and toddlers are the most popular age group across all subjects, accounting for approximately 58% and growing.


As you can see, this tendency makes the niche one of the most promising in terms of business. The top educational apps for kids are listed below to give you a clear picture of what is popular on the market.


Let’s take a look at the most popular educational apps for kids! [Educational Game And Apps For Your Kids]


#1 – Lingokids


The app offers learning-adapted content ranging from alphabet and colour assignments to more or less complex sentences and full conversations.

Lingokids offers a diverse collection of English children’s songs, entertaining videos, audiobooks, and interactive exercises for practising over 3000 English words.

Adapting to the age and level of the English language allows for a personalised approach to teaching children. Animals that are kind and cute will guide the child through all stages of learning while rewarding any achievement.

Children gain access to new units by completing tasks.

The app allows you to watch instructional videos about good habits, learn how to spell letters by drawing them on a screen with your finger, and paint various shapes. The free version has a daily activity cap.



#2 – Khan Academy Kids


A plethora of minigames in math, reading, writing, language learning, problem-solving skills, social and emotional development, logic, and creative expression are available.

All of this is accompanied by adorable cartoon animal friends who will greet and guide a child to their home.

When students select an avatar of any available animal, they become friends with the app characters. Kids are rewarded with stars, stickers, and gifts for completing tasks.

Children must count dinosaurs, find a word with a capital letter, repeat the learned word, locate it in a sentence, and many other tasks.

It is an excellent tutoring application that will add colour and unforgettable emotions to the children’s learning process.


#3 – is an educational app with 10,000+ exciting learning activities for children of all academic levels that provides a simple and enjoyable way to learn about a wide range of subjects.

Children can create their own personal profiles here and easily learn math, art, music, reading, and other subjects.

Looking at the map, one can see that the world of is quite large. It is complete with its own zoo, farm, library, and classroom.

To avoid getting lost in the variety of activities, a learning path was created to guide from one to the next.

Children from various educational backgrounds can learn to read their first words, break words into syllables, and study the alphabet, among other things.


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