If there is one habit that most super-successful people share, it is reading a lot of books. best books to read if you want to become a billionaire, then we all know you need a plan and a goal. Reading can inspire us to achieve great things. So, read these best books to become rich.

We are always looking for ways to improve our business and reading can help us to achieve this goal. What is the secret behind building businesses and becoming a billionaire?

Books to Read If You Want To Become A Billionaire

Becoming a billionaire is no easy feat, but if you are looking towards a career in entrepreneurship then you probably have this goal in the back of your mind.

Here are five books that give you an insight into what it takes to become a billionaire. What are you waiting for? Get reading!

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is probably the #1 and most famous success book of all time. The book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and has sold over 15 million copies. Think and Grow Rich is one of the best books to read if you want to become a billionaire.

The premise of the book is simple: Wealth begins with a state of mind. If we want to be rich, we must first change our minds so that we become, as Napoleon Hill calls it, money consciousness.

He says that we should really consider ourselves prosperous. Wealth can mean any way like wealth, happiness, healthy relationships, business success, etc.

This book teaches us how to be money conscious. How do we consider ourselves rich, how to control our minds and our thoughts so that we can become rich?

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

In Rich Dad Poor Dad’s book, Robert Kiyosaki tells you about cash flow, real estate, investment, and how to start a business. This book provides financial education.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two Dads – the father of his real father (Bad Dad) and his best friend (Rich Dad). This book will tell you the ways in which both men shaped their thoughts about money and investing.

You don’t need to earn a high income to be rich. Rich people make money work.

This bestselling book teaches in simple language what is the truth of money and how you can become rich. According to the author, the real key to becoming rich is not to do a job but to do business and invest.

3. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

The next Bill Gates, Larry Page, or Sergey Brin will not make a search engine or operating system. If you are copying these people, you are not learning anything from them.

It’s easier to copy a Model than to create something new: each new creation takes from 0 to 1. This book is about how to get there.

The great mystery of our times is that there are still unknown frontiers to discover and new inventions to be made. In Zero to One, veteran entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel explains how we can find unique ways to create those new things.

Read this, accept Peter’s challenge, and build a business beyond expectations.

4. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is a book for true investors, not speculators or day traders.

Warren Buffett has described the book as “the best book on investing ever written”.

This book is a bestseller and teaches you how to invest. The author of this book – Benjamin Graham is known as the “Father of Value Investing”.

The Intelligent Investor tells you the 3 basic principles of Value Investing, how to handle Mr Market, and what formula to follow.

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5. Good to Great by Jim Collins

The book Good to Great is based on the premise that “the good is the enemy of the great”.

This book gives you knowledge about many powerful business lessons that can help you grow your business very quickly.

You’ll learn how companies make the transition from good companies to great companies, and how most companies fail to make the transition.


hope you enjoyed our post about books to read if you want to become a billionaire. We’re in the midst of the digital age, but if you want to become a billionaire, you need to read some of the classic business books written by the world’s most successful authors. These books will teach you everything you need to know about business and how to make money, investment and if you read them, we know you’ll be off to a great start on your way to becoming a billionaire!