10 ways that 5G could change your life

5G promises higher data speeds over 4G. At its peak, internet speeds on 5G could touch 10 Gbps, compared to the 100 Mbps peak of 4G.

5G technology offers latency as low as 1ms. For the unversed, latency is the time taken by the device to send packets of data and get a response. Shorter the latency, quicker the response.

5G technology will provide seamless coverage in remote areas across the country. It will increase energy efficiency, spectrum efficiency and network efficiency.

5G will also usher in the ear of technology advances in the country such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and more.

5G will enhance the fan experience at live music festivals and sports events like football matches. The low latency offered by 5G will offer immersive experience to sports lovers.

5G will also enable new services and products powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The advanced abilities offered by 5G networks will also drive new business models.

The arrival of 5G will also transform the transport and mobility sector. Using 5G, a network of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations can be established to help maximise the cost-effectiveness of the EV ecosystem

Next-generation 5G network will also aid the remote working more effectively.

The all-new 5G services will connect a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and devices to automate the scheduling of various processes.

5G will enable customers to watch 4K video on their phones. It will also enable the use of AR/VR, mobile gaming apps

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