Apple Watch Series 8 review: Is it time for an upgrade?

The Apple Watch is still arguably the best wearable on the market. It’s sleek, easy to use and allows its owners to stay more attuned to their health and wellness.

Apple Watch Series 8, available Sept. 16 starting at $399, continues the tech giant’s trend of spitting out polished and highly functional smartwatches.

Having tried out the Series 8 for several days, I’ve learned that more than ever, having the newest model really depends on exactly what you want from it.

The key addition this year is a wrist temperature sensor, which Apple said will help users who are cycle tracking.

When you wear the Series 8 at night, it will measure your wrist temperature over five nights to determine your baseline temperature. Each night you wear it, the watch will keep tabs on any shifts in your body temperature.

Compared to last year's Series 7, the Series 8 feels like a very similar watch. If you own a Series 7 or even a Series 6 from two years ago, don't fear missing out on an upgrade.

Also, keep in mind WatchOS 9 covers Apple Watches going back to the Series 4, which means you get several great features such as the enhanced workouts and sleep stages.