The Indian gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds. A recent Lumikai report stated that the industry has crossed the half-a-billion mark, with 507 million gamers in the country at present.

With over 15 billion downloads and becoming the largest consumer of mobile games in the world, India has sure caught the eyes of quite a few global players from the industry. caught up with one such gaming industry veteran and the Chief Executive Officer of Lila Games, Joseph Kim at the India Game Developer Conference.

I think there's two ways of looking at the Indian gaming market. The first part is to think about the Indian market itself and what we know is that India is the fastest growing economy by GDP.

And that the future potential for the Indian market is just becoming stronger and stronger. So we're very excited about the Indian gaming market.

At the same time, our company is actually not oriented around the gaming market. But the second aspect of India, which is the Indian game development ecosystem.

And from that perspective, if you look at the historical context of India, what you realise is that a lot of the history of gaming in India has come from some of the early pioneers like Zynga, EA.

But the history of that has largely been taking existing games and then having the team in India live operate those games against a lower cost structure.

The second way that you can think about engaging players through compulsion. So then that requires an understanding of how you design core loops and compulsion loops within the game.