WhatsApp on iPhone gets a new update: Status update reaction among others

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, has started rolling out update for iPhone users through the Apple Store.

This updated version of the app (version 22.21.75) will allow iPhone users to react to the status updates of other users.

This feature is already available on Android and now it is being made available for iPhone users as well.

The Apple Store changelog has officially announced the new feature but has also mentioned that the Status Reaction feature will arrive for all users ‘over the coming weeks.’

Earlier, WhatsApp started beta-testing this new feature for both iOS and Android users. Apart from this new development, the new update also adds multiple other features.

As mentioned, this new feature would allow users to react to status updates with available emojis.

The emojis that will be included in this feature will not be similar to the ones that are available on both WhatsApp and Instagram direct messages.

The emojis for status update reactions include a face with heart-shaped eyes, tears of joy, an open mouth, a crying face, folded hands, clapping hands, a party popper and hundred points.

With this new update, only admins will be notified when a member leaves a group. Moreover, group admins can now delete other’s messages for all group members.

WhatsApp will also show the other participants who deleted the message.