What is Ocean Engineering: Education, Colleges, Jobs And Salary

Ocean engineering is a field of study that can be vaguely defined as an advanced part of other marine technology studies like maritime engineering, offshore engineering, or marine electronic technology.

What Can Students Expect if they take up Ocean Engineering?

There are different ocean engineering degrees for undergraduates and holders of bachelor’s degree-seeking higher studies and research projects.

What Do Ocean Engineers Do? Professionals who take education and training in ocean engineering are called ocean engineers. They have the technical expertise and skills to find solutions to ocean-related problems.

Types of Ocean Engineering Jobs – Ocean Engineer – Naval Architect – Marine Engineer – Environmental Engineer – Mechanical Engineer – Petroleum Engineer

How much salary do ocean engineers get? - Mechanical Engineer: $60,100 – $91,900 - Environmental Engineer: $47,900 – $89,700 - Petroleum Engineer- $55,347 – $124,611

Ocean Engineering’s Colleges Around the World

– Massachusetts Maritime Academy – The United States Coast Guard Academy – Texas A & M University – Florida Atlantic University – University of Rhode Island – The University of Hawaii at Manoa – California Maritime Academy – Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) – Australian Maritime College – Dalian Maritime University

Future Prospects of Ocean Engineering

– Master in Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering – Master’s degree of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering – Master of Engineering in Water Management – Master of Science in Ocean Engineering (SMOE) – Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (SMNAME) – Master of Science in Oceanographic Engineering (SMOGE, joint MIT/WHOI degree) – Naval Engineer’s (NE) degree – Master in Offshore Engineering