WhatsApp introduced a new feature for its beta iOS app in December last year that allowed users to use picture-in-picture mode for video calls Whatsapp ios Picture in Picture Mode Video Calls. As it turns out, the developers are now making the available to everyone.

Picture-in-picture mode for video calls functions similarly to Apple’s implementation of PiP mode for Facetime and is extremely useful if you need to navigate your phone or use other apps while on a video call. Previously, when on a video call, WhatsApp users could multitask, but the video itself was paused in the background. [Whatsapp ios Picture in Picture Mode Video Calls]

To check if the new feature is available on your device, make a video call and then return to the home screen or open another app. In addition, according to the WhatsApp changelog on the Apple App Store, the developers added the ability to add captions when sending documents, as well as support for longer group subjects and descriptions. Users will also be able to customise their avatars and use them as profile pictures or stickers.

Keep in mind that the picture-in-picture mode for video calls and other features will be available in the coming weeks, so you may have to wait a few days. WhatsApp recently introduced Kept Messages, a new way to save disappearing messages, and was reportedly working on a transcription feature for lengthy voice messages. [Whatsapp ios Picture in Picture Mode Video Calls]

How do I enable picture-in-picture mode in an iOS WhatsApp video call?

Once iOS 14 or 15 is installed on your device, the mode is activated automatically.

Step 1: Open any supported app and play a video.

Step 2: Tapping the PiP mode icon or navigating to the home screen will minimise the video immediately.

Step 3: Hold the minimised screen and drag it to the desired location. [Whatsapp ios Picture in Picture Mode Video Calls]

How do I activate the picture-in-picture mode in a WhatsApp video call?

To view it in full-screen mode, tap the full window icon, and it will appear in that mode, where you can control the video’s playback. Please keep in mind that closing the chat box will cause the video to pause. On Android, the video cannot be streamed while switching between WhatsApp chat conversations.

On an iPhone, how do you make a floating WhatsApp video call? [Whatsapp ios Picture in Picture Mode Video Calls]

To activate the floating circle view, swipe down in the camera view or tap the “Back” button in the top-left (much like Snapchat). While browsing or chatting in WhatsApp, you can continue the video call. What exactly is this? The floating circle can only be found within the WhatsApp app.