A domain name is the core part of any website. It’s the first thing people will see, and it’s what they will use to find your website. But what actually is a domain name? How does it work? What is a good domain name? All these and more are what we will be talking about in this blog.

A domain name is one of the most important things that you need for your business. If you want to succeed, it is important to understand what a domain name is and how it works.

What is Domain Name:

Domain Name or DNS (Domain Naming System) is such a nomenclature by which we can identify a website on the Internet. Talking about any website, all are connected to some IP address in the background. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) This is a numerical address that tells the browser where that website is located on the Internet.

what is domain name?

Domain Name:

In simple language, we humans remember only easy things, in the same way, all websites also have a name, so now you can think that Domain Name is the easy name that we can remember about any IP address. In short, this is a human-readable version of the IP address.

With the help of Domain Name, we can find one or more IP Addresses. For example, the domain name google.com refers to hundreds of IPs. Domain Name is also used in URLs to search a particular webpage.

How does Domain Name work?

All the websites are hosted or stored on a server. And the domain name is pointed to the IP of that server.

Whenever you add the name of a website to your URL bar, only then does it point to the IP of your server with the help of your domain name, so that you can see your searched website in your browser. Similarly, you are able to see the website.

Types Of Domain:

There are many types of domain names, but today we will discuss all those types which are very important. So that whenever you want to choose a domain name, you can easily choose that.

TLD – Top Level Domains:

Top Level Domains (TLD) are also known as Internet Domain Extension. This is the last part where the domain name ends. The part after the dot. It was first developed. With the help of this domain, you can easily rank your website. It is very SEO friendly and Google Search Engine also gives more importance to it.

Example of TLD Extension:

.com (commercial)
.org (organization)
.net (network)
gov (government)
.edu (education)
.name (name)
.biz (business)
.info (information)

CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains:

This type of domain is generally used for keeping a particular country in view. It is named on the basis of Two Letter ISO Code of any country. For example, some important domain extensions are given below:

.us: United States
.in: India
.ch: Switzerland
.cn: China
.ru: Russia
.br: Brazil
types of domain name_tnf
types of domain name

What is Sub Domain Name?

You must have come to know what a domain is, but a subdomain is a part of your main domain name. If you have bought any Top Level Domains Name, then you can divide them into Subdomain Names. Like technewsforum.in is my TLD Name and I can divide it in tech.technewsforum.in and Abc.technewsforum.in. It is absolutely free, for this, you do not have to pay any charge.

Although there are other types of Domain Names, but generally we do not use them to create a Blog/Website.

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Top Domain Name Provider List:

For creating a website for yourself or for your business everyone needs to buy a suitable domain name. You need to create or register your account with a reputed and good domain name service provider. After that search for a unique and suitable domain name for your business or website. Here we listed the top domain registration providers for your convenience. You can select any of this list.

Google Domains
Network Solutions


Namecheap has been around for many years in the domain registration market and has become one of the top domain registrars in the market.

They also offer other high-end domains that are very cheap such as .info, .online, .club, and many more. Buying a domain with Namecheap is very easy.

Namecheap also has its own domain marketplace, where you can buy or sell your domain name. Namecheap provides services such as domain transfer, app integration, SSL certificates, email, and more.

It is a web hosting provider. They also provide Shared, WordPress, Reseller, and VPS hosting. There is no doubt that Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars. We totally recommend this to you.


Domain.com is a popular and old domain registration provider. It is in this business since 2000.

Domain.com is quite famous for domain names, web hosting, VPS hosting, SSL certificates, and online marketing services. Domain registration rates start at $2.99

Domain.com has a quick domain search tool that you can use to do domain name research for yourself. Domain.com’s pricing structure is a bit expensive.

Google Domains:

Google launched Google Domains in the market in January 2015 and provides a domain registry service in the market.

.com website through Google Domains will cost you $12 per year per domain. You can choose auto-renew with Google Domains.

With each domain name you’ll get: a custom email with G Suite, simple domain management tools, email forwarding support, and WHOIS privacy protection.

Google does not upsell you for hosting and does not ask you to purchase additional security. You will not get an SSL certificate in Google Domains.

So if you are looking for a simple and reliable service to buy domain names, then you can go with Google Domains.


GoDaddy is one of the oldest and most popular domain registration company. The GoDaddy company was started in 1997. GoDaddy currently manages over 78 million domain names for over 18 million customers.

Apart from domain registration, GoDaddy also provides Domain Name Transfer, Web Hosting, and Website Builder. GoDaddy is very popular with website owners and offers you a domain name for a very low starting price.


Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. It was established in the year of 2003. Along with their web hosting services, they also provide domain name registration.

You get the facility of auto-renewal and domain locking with domain registration. WordPress.org also recommends Bluehost as your web host of choice.


HostGator is a popular company that provides domain names and shared hosting.

At HostGator, you’ll find a simple domain search tool that will help you find a suitable domain name for your business or blog. Like Bluehost, HostGator primarily functions as a web hosting provider.

If you want to register a .com website with HostGator, it will cost you $12.95 per year. However, HostGator offers free domains with a hosting plan. WHOIS Privacy will cost you an additional $14.95 per year.

How to Select a Domain Name?

Always choose a short domain name that is easy to remember, type, and speak.
The domain name should not be similar to any other and should be unique enough so that you can easily brand it.
Do not keep special characters such as hyphens and numbers in the name.
Always try to take Top-Level Domains so everyone in the world can recognize them.
Your domain name should be related to or similar to your business or business profile. It will make it easier for you to build a brand.


A domain name, otherwise known as a website address, is a specific name that is used to identify a particular website. In other words, it is the name given to your website. The domain name of your website is very important to your website because it is the first thing people will see when they visit your website. Also, we discussed various types of domain. There is important tips on choosing a perfect domain name for your website. If you found something very important in our article then please share this article with others.