Coronation Street confirms shock Underworld decision

Coronation Street confirms shock Underworld decision

Coronation Street confirms shock Underworld decision – Spoilers for Coronation Street follow.


As the new leader of the Underworld, Stephen Reid, the Weatherfield villain, will continue to dominate Carla Connor.


The two have been at odds for the previous few months, as Coronation Street viewers have seen.


The mind-altering effects of LSD, which Killer Stephen has even resorted to mixing into her drinks, reach terrifying new heights tonight (March 15), as Carla orders everyone out of the workplace.


In later scenes, Peter is shocked to see Stephen running the factory and accuses the staff—who are, of course, the company’s shareholders—of betraying Carla by making that choice.


He then goes to see Carla, who is dejected, and drops the news that Underworld’s employees have chosen for Stephen to take over the company.


In a prior interview, Stephen’s actor Todd Boyce discussed the goals of his character: “[Stephen] is aware that there are 50 centres that own stock in the company; all he needs to do is mobilise them and convince them that she is unfit for the position.


“She has irritated him to such an extent that he doesn’t really care what it will do to her. It’s a fairly clever plan.


“To begin with, it is only a short-term strategy meant to plant the seed of scepticism among everyone. He intends to do it gradually to give the impression that she is having serious issues.”


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 p.m., ITV1 and ITVX both broadcast Coronation Street.


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