Investing in the stock market can be difficult, especially for those who are new to the world of investing. Having said that, the investment process has become more convenient in recent years, as individuals can now allocate their funds to stocks via various digital platforms. If you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a comprehensive guide on how to invest in stock market.

How to Invest in stock market?

If you’re wondering how to invest in the Indian stock market online, we’ve got you covered. Here are the steps you need to take to buy stocks from the comfort of your own home:

#Step 1 – Create a DEMAT account and link it to an existing bank account to ensure smooth transactions.

#Step 2 – Log in to your DEMAT account using the mobile app or web platform.

#Step 3 – Select a Stock in which to Invest.

#Step 4 – Make sure you have enough money in your bank account to buy the shares you want to buy.

#Step 5 – Pay the listed price for the stock and specify the number of units.

#Step 6 – Your purchase order will be executed once a seller responds to your request. Following the completion of the transaction, the required amount will be debited from your bank account. You will receive the shares in your DEMAT account at the same time.

Individuals should be aware that there are some prerequisites for opening a DEMAT account.

  • Bank Account
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Identity
  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • A Stockbroker

Individuals who want to learn how to investing the stock market must keep certain factors in mind. [How to invest in stock market]

Considerations Before Investing in Stocks

Goals for Investment

If you’re wondering How to Start Investing in Stock Market in India or any other investment option, you should first determine your financial objectives. The investment goal is not universal and differs for each investor.

As a result, you must select stocks after considering your financial objectives. Before investing, determine your investment horizon.

Risk-Taking Capability

Another important consideration when investing in stocks is your risk tolerance. Investors with a low risk tolerance should consider investing in defensive stocks, which provide consistent returns and are less affected by market volatility.


You can reduce risks by diversifying your portfolio. In other words, the greater your investment diversification, the lower the financial risk associated with your investments.

When it comes to stock investing, there are two markets to consider.

There are two kinds of markets.

#1 – Primary Market

When a company goes public, it sells its stock in the primary market via an initial public offering (IPO). Individuals who want to buy these shares can apply for a public issue when it becomes available for subscription. Investors must have a DEMAT account in order to invest in the primary market.

Investors are assigned a certain number of shares based on the market reaction to the company’s IPO. In other words, investors are given shares based on their demand and availability.

Once a company’s shares are listed on stock exchanges, investors can buy and sell them in the secondary market.

#2 – Secondary Market

When people talk about stock market investments, they usually refer to the secondary market. To trade in the secondary market, investors must have both a trading and a DEMAT account.


Now that you know how to start investing in shares in India or in the stock market online, open a DEMAT account with a broker of your choice and begin investing by following the steps outlined above. Also, keep in mind the various important factors when deciding which stocks to add to your portfolio for the best results.