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ITS LIKE TO ORDER FURNITURE – A range of emotions might be brought up when furniture shopping. It can be very exciting at first when you decide it’s time for some new pieces. Who doesn’t adore the thought of transforming their space into something gleaming, sparkling, and fresh?

Next, in an effort to discover what you enjoy, you begin frantically pinning pins to your Pinterest board. So, things are going really well. Then, as you browse furniture store after furniture store, you discover that nothing there resembles what you’ve seen on Pinterest at all.

The deceits! Oh, and don’t forget about how pricey some not so wonderful items are. About this time, the uncertainty and concern start to take hold.

You question your choices and wonder things like “Am I making the appropriate choice?” “Would this even work in my house?” and “What if I spend all this money and it gets delivered and I don’t even like it?”

After you’re back on Pinterest, the process repeats again like a horrifying groundhog day for furniture shopping. We were meant to be having fun, didn’t I think?


And that was me. Our previous couches had been with us for far too long, and they had reached the point where they were completely uncomfortable. It was the kind of item where, in order to be comfortable, the cushions would need to be continually adjusted.


and then reposition them. once more. I came to the conclusion that there was nothing on earth that could make these things more pleasant, and I was at my breaking point. I apologise, but you need to leave, old friends. It was time to get some brand-new couches. Start the room’s cleanup.



Article: What Is It?


It must have been at this precise moment that the stars were aligned. We were contacted by Article, a business with a novel idea for simple, stress-free furniture shopping. They pleaded with us to give them and their furnishings a fair chance.


Its style is clean-lined, mid-century and contemporary furniture in a variety of textiles, including some indulgent and opulent choices like velvet and leather. After all, living is about exploring new things. And after looking over their website for a while, I was impressed.



What Sets Article Apart From Other Furniture Shops?


While having a website is now customary for furniture companies, Article approaches it a little differently. Direct from Article to you delivery of their furniture is available. They’ve figured out how to eliminate all those pricey layers of middlemen in the furniture industry that raise the price of your furniture.


By doing this, they are able to provide furniture of a higher calibre at a price range that is significantly lower than what you would generally get at a standard furniture shop. They created their own simple, elegant designs, so there’s no need to waste time going to showrooms.

That eliminates the need to flee from overbearing salespeople. You get to choose your own speed and shop for lovely furniture in the convenience of your own home. Also, they have a fantastic 30-day full refund return policy, which is great if you’re hesitant to buy huge furniture online.


Coffee & Marble


Because the Mara tabletop and legs are shipped separately, assembly is necessary. You can get it ready in 15 minutes with a simple setup and a few screws. Also, the article provides a square and rectangular marble coffee table in the Vena design. For your property, these shapes could be more suitable.



How was the day of delivery?


Article provided us with an approximate window of dates to expect our new furniture when we placed our order. The shipping firm called us a few days before the furniture was ready for delivery and gave us a couple options for the delivery day.


We decided on the quickest route because I was getting sick of waiting. On a Saturday, the men delivered the furniture. They arrived right about 9 a.m. during our window, which was from 9 to 11 a.m. They even called me to let me know they would be there in 10 minutes.


I was genuinely shocked to find their truck was considerably smaller than I had anticipated when they came. Even though I didn’t believe it would before they arrived, it fit quite well in my small driveway. So don’t panic if you think your parking or delivery situation is uncommon.

They will work things out. They unpacked our two sofas after they were delivered, constructed our Mara table promptly after that. The entire process took no longer than 30 minutes, including time spent putting the coffee table’s legs together. Very cool!


I must admit that receiving all of this furniture at once came as a bit of a surprise. Although I anticipated the Sitka sofa to be enormous, it took some getting accustomed to seeing it in my room. I even contemplated having the delivery guys return it.

They suggested we give it a shot and call Article if necessary, but they offered to take it back with them that morning. I’m very happy we listened to their counsel. I can’t get enough of my Sitka couch. Not at all. I would place further orders if I had room.



Yikes! What Happens If I Dislike My Order?


What is the finest aspect of using Article for shopping? Recall how I described one of the worst aspects of furniture shopping? Do you remember that whole “What if I buy it and then decide I don’t like it and spend all this money on it? ” scenario? You are really precious.


All of’s customers receive a fantastic 30-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to test out your brand-new furniture in your house and decide if you like it or not. Although I believe you’ll adore it, don’t worry if you decide it’s not the right fit for you for whatever reason.

Simply give Article a call or write an email, and they will send someone to pick it up. Your shipping costs will be deducted from the total refund. Just be careful to save the original packaging in case you decide to arrange a return. They will be used to repackage the furniture.



Final Reflections


As of right now, I can’t say enough good things about Article. But, the furniture’s ageing and deterioration can only be predicted over time. After a few months, I would love to provide an update. Their furniture is not only stunning and comfortable—oh, and did I mention gorgeous?—but their craftsmanship and attention to detail are unmatched for the amount they are asking.


If you don’t need a new couch or coffee table right away, Article also offers a complete selection of elegant and fashionable chairs, ottomans, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, as well as practical design items like lighting, shelves, pouffes, cushions, and more. Only a little browsing is acceptable. There’s no denying that purchasing furniture online might be a little daunting. But with Article, I’m positive you have nothing to worry about.

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