Luther creator teases Alices potential return

Luther creator teases Alices potential return

Luther creator teases Alices potential return – Luther’s writer and director has commented on Idris Elba’s sleuth’s notable absence from Netflix’s recently released film.


Luther: The Fallen Sun sees the return of Idris Elba’s Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, though not all of the series’ characters appear. Among the notable omissions? Ruth Wilson’s Alice Morgan, whose fate remains unknown following her fall in the season 5 finale.


In a recent interview, writer and director Neil Cross explained why previous characters, such as Alice and Paul McGann’s Mark North, do not appear in the film.


“Fan service, in my opinion, is a sugar high. And I believe it is very tempting for any filmmaker or writer to do so “He explained to


“I also believe it would be disrespectful to the new audience, who see something that they know means something but don’t know what it is,” he added.


The film’s director, Jamie Payne, elaborated on Alice’s absence, emphasising how important it was to make the story accessible to a new audience, even if it meant leaving out some key characters.


“Well, how many of those incredible satellites do you want to put into the story if we’re going to introduce a new audience to our central character?” He stated.


Payne went on to say: “And I believe that applies to Alice, who is an incredible story companion to the Luther series in so many ways. The possibility that Alice, Mark, and others exist within the Luther universe excites me.”


Wilson, on the other hand, refused to say goodbye to Alice when Season 5 premiered. Despite admitting that her serial killer character was unlikely to survive such a dramatic fall, she also pointed out that the body is never shown to the audience.


“I don’t want to say anything. That’s my thought. I’m not sure how anyone could survive that fall. However, you do not see the body. So I’m not sure, “She revealed this to Entertainment Weekly.


Elba went on to say: “We see a body and then don’t see it. That’s definitely classic Alice, and it makes Luther wonder, ‘F**k, really?’ She has the appearance of a ghost.”


But, with more Luther films in the works, Alice has a chance to wreck even more havoc on the detective’s life.

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