Amazon Affiliate Program [Everything You Should Know About]

Today there will hardly be any of us who would not know about the Amazon. It is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Where millions of products are sold simultaneously at one place. Also, you can make money from Amazon Affiliate Program.

After reading this article you will get all the information related to Amazon Affiliates. So keep reading to know in detail how to earn money from Amazon from sitting at home.

How to Earn Money From Amazon?

How to earn money from Amazon?. Yes, you can earn money from Amazon mainly in 3 ways. You will be surprised to know that Amazon affiliate is the way to earn money from Amazon, which gives you the opportunity to earn up to lakhs of rupees in a very short time.

The special thing is that to earn money from amazon, mainly you have to do all the work online while sitting at home and the second important thing is that you can earn unlimited money from amazon. There is no limit to earning money from amazon.

So read further important ways to earn money from amazon:-

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate also commonly known as Amazon associate program. Actually this is the way to earn money from Amazon in which you have to recommend any product of e-commerce store amazon to your audience.

And if those people buy these products from your given affiliate links, then amazon will give you some commission in return, and this commission will be your earning. To earn money from Amazon affiliate, it is very important for you to have an amazon affiliate account, under which you will be able to join the amazon affiliate program and generate affiliate links.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Account?

Step 1: To create an Amazon affiliate account, open Amazon’s website amazon.in (India) and scroll down to the bottom of the page, reach the bottom and click on “Become an affiliate” given in the column “Make money with us” Do it.

Amazon Affiliate

Step 2: In the very middle of the loaded page, you will find the Sign-up option, tapping on it will take you to the Amazon Sign-up page. Here if you already have an Amazon account, then you directly sign in by entering the mail id and password. If you do not have an account then create a new one and sign in.

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

Step 3: On logging in, you will come to the first step of the “Creating your Amazon Associate Account” window. Where you have to fill the following information. In payee name, enter the name that you have given in your bank account. After this, you have to enter your address. Enter your full residential address here.

Now one by one fill in your City (city name), State (India’s state in which you live), and Postal code of your area or say that 6-digit Pin code.

Enter your phone number in the phone number section. If you have filled the Payee name on your own then you first select the option “Payee listed above”.

And if you are living in the USA then yes otherwise tap on No.

Step 4: “Website & Mobile app”: Now here you have to paste the URL (link) of your social media account (Yt channel, Instagram account, Facebook id) on which you will promote the products. Paste the links of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. in your website and click on Add. (Here you can paste the links of up to 50 websites.), And after adding, click on Next.

Step 5: In the Profile section, you have to fill some more details.

What is your preferred Associate store id: Basically it is like your Amazon affiliate username, so you can enter any name of your choice here

Website/Mobile app URL: You have already filled this, so here it will be auto-filled.

What are your Website/Mobile app about? : Here you will give a short description of your website (Social media, YT channel) or if you have a mobile app. In which you can give information related to your website or mobile app in your own words.

Which of the following topic best describes your Website or Mobile app: You have to choose the category (Niche) of your App or website, Social media account or Youtube channel in this list given here.

What type of amazon product do you intended to list on your website or mobile app: Here you have to tell which types of Amazon products affiliate will share on your website. From here you can choose Electronics, Beauty, Household etc.

What type are your website or mobile app: Here you have to tell which category of website or app you have, you can select the options in this list according to you.

Traffic & Monetization: Here you have to tell from which sources the traffic is coming from your website / mobile app. For example, if we have a blog, then we are here by ticking the options like SEO, Blogs, Social networks. Will give

How do you utilize your website or mobile app to generate income: Here you have to tell through which means you are earning income on your website or app. Here Displaying ads, Paid promotions can be good options for YouTube Channels and Blogs and you can set 3rd Party apps and Widgets in Secondary options.

How do you usually build links: Here you can tell your link building methods whether you use any management company to generate URL, or use HTML editor, here you can simply fill Others.

How many total unique visitors do your website or mobile app get in one month? : Here you can fill your traffic according to your statics, (0-500, 501-5000, etc., etc., etc.).

How do you hear about us? : That is, from where did you hear about Amazon affiliate, here you enter anything and fill the Captcha and click on Finish.

Step 6. Now your Amazon affiliate/Associate account is ready.

In this way you will create an Amazon affiliate account, but you have to generate Affiliate links for Amazon affiliate.

How to Make Amazon Affiliate Links?

To create Amazon affiliate links, first you have to open the website of Amazon, here you have to log in to your Affiliate account. After that, you will find “Amazon associate SiteStripe” written on the top left of Amazon.

Now here, whatever product you want to create an affiliate link, search by typing it in the search bar above.

From the search results, click on the product for which you want to make an affiliate link and then click on “Create link” > in Text coming in the top left of the website.

After which the URL of that product will come in front of you and you copy it.

How Much Commission Do You Get on Amazon Affiliates?

If you have joined the Amazon affiliate program, then a question may also occur in your mind. How much commission you will get from Amazon by selling products?

Amazon gives different commission rates on every product, broadly commission rates depend on the product of each different category. For example, 9% on Kitchen Appliances and Kitchenware, 5% on Electronics and Gadgets, and 5% on Books.

You can also check this complete Amazon affiliate commission list by visiting the official website of Amazon in the Associate section.

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