What Is Firewall and Use Of Firewall

A firewall is a system to protect the computer which protects all types of computers and their networks from hackers and malware. It protects our computers from aggressive software that secretly comes inside our computers and passes all personal details to hackers.

A firewall is a type of security scheme that resides either in the form of a software program or as a hardware device. So, whenever our computer connects to the internet, this firewall prevents traffic coming toward your computer.

For example, whenever we go to a website using the internet on a computer then the firewall stops viruses.

It erects a wall in the network of our computer so that unwanted software can not be installed automatically on the computer. Or, it eliminates unwanted files for your computer. when a virus attacks the computer then all the data will be deleted.

The firewall only gives space to those things which we allow the users to come in. Apart from that no malware or virus is allowed to come inside the computer.

In the same way, even if a virus is already present in our computer and many computers in a room are connected together in a network, even then the firewall prevents the virus of one computer from going to other computers. This means that the firewall acts as protection from both sides.

Types of Firewall:

There are two types of firewalls, one is Software Firewall and the other is Hardware Firewall.

1. Hardware Firewall:

Hardware Firewalls are already present in all Routers nowadays. Its job is to prevent virus from going from one computer to another. For example, suppose 10 computers in a room are connected to the same network.

And firewall has been enabled in the router or modem being used there, then firewall starts working automatically in all the computers that are connected with that router. Whenever any work is done on the Internet through computers, the firewall there protects the computers from viruses and malware.

Every request emanating from the computer comes out in the form of a data packet and the ID of the network is also associated with it, so whenever a reply to that request comes from the server, the same network ID is associated with that packet. That the firewall gets to know that data is correct.

Apart from this, if any other packet tries to enter with that packet, then the firewall stops it outside.

The second function of it, if a virus comes to a computer, then that virus cannot leave that computer and reach the other computer, the firewall also takes care of it well.

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2. Software Firewall:

In new generation Windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP etc. Firewall is already inbuilt and it remains “on” by default so that the computer can be completely secure.

If you want, you can change it according to your need by looking at its settings in Computers. Apart from this, many antivirus are also present in the internet like Avast, McAfee, Norton, QuickHeal etc. All of them also have the same firewall.

Whenever we install new software or games in our computers. A popup box appears in our computer in which firewall asks permission from users. Whether you have to install this program in your computer because Windows firewall blocked this program.

So if we want, we can install the program by ticking that option. Software firewalls work in the same way in computers and keep our personal data safe from hackers and viruses.

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