11 Super Innovative Products

11 Super Innovative Products

11 Super Innovative Products


  1. And this waterproof speaker that also functions as a power bank and has an integrated solar panel – $8,695.


  1. A set of whisky glasses that remain tilted to add a touch of class to any gathering – 710


  1. An ergonomic office chair with an exercise ball to improve your posture while working – $16,596


  1. Alternatively, you can spend $5,570 on this adjustable kneeling chair, which your back will thank you for in the future.


  1. A set of no-tie shoelaces – 449


  1. An automatic electric dough kneader that will come in handy in the kitchen – $4,669


  1. A portable travel bidet that will add a much-needed touch to any bathroom – $1,400


  1. This set of six natural wooden bark coasters that will complement any table decor – 299


  1. This funky pair of slippers that will make you feel like you’re always walking on grass in the comfort of your own home – 415 and up


  1. This odourless, chemical-free mosquito trap also functions as a night lamp. 499 – A must-have for any room


  1. Finally, a vacuum cleaning robot that will clean all of your floors without your intervention – $10,800



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