A Stoop Wedding in Brooklyn
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A Stoop Wedding in Brooklyn

A Stoop Wedding in Brooklyn – Maddy and Cory chose to get married on their Brooklyn stoop because they wanted it to be simple and sweet. Wally, their dog, observed from the apartment window while their upstairs neighbour officiated. Maddy takes us through the day right here.


“Like any other weekend morning, Cory and I prepared ourselves together in our apartment. After taking Wally for a lengthy stroll across the neighborhood, we returned home and relaxed on our couch while sipping tea and coffee and talking about our day.


“My mother showed up early. She rarely has her makeup done, but our beauty artist found time to do it for her, and she was astounded by how a set of artificial eyelashes can completely transform your appearance.


“Shortly after we were engaged, I found the dress. I kept it in a garment bag for more than a year, but Cory never looked. I adore how cosy the dress was, especially with the long sleeves and mock collar.


“I also wanted a pair of party shoes, and I loved how much colour and sparkle these offered. I’m already anticipating another wedding so I can wear them once more.


I’m grinning at my dad right now since he was waiting to take me to the porch. This picture is kind of ideal, despite the fact that our hallway is quite awful with the discoloured carpet, broken banister, and laundry door in the background. This building serves as Cory and my home; we have learned so much here.


Madison, a neighbour of ours, officiated our wedding. After the epidemic started, she and her companion moved into the upper apartment, where we first met them. We ended up spending a lot of time on our stoop because none of us were socialising or going out much. The beauty of our ceremony was created with such care by Madison. She even made Cory and I an amazing questionnaire so she could learn more about our relationship.


“Attended were our families and neighbours. In my more than ten years of residence in New York, I had never before become friends with any of my neighbours. We jokingly say that our structure is similar to Seinfeld. We are frequently in one other’s apartments or engaged in hallway conversation. Madison officiated their wedding as well, which was recently held in the backyard by our downstairs neighbour.


“Kissing at weddings is stressful. It’s difficult to tell if your hands are in the appropriate spot or if your face gets smushed when people kiss, but I believe ours turned out okay.”


“There was still the normal traffic during our wedding. They honked their horns and waved as a trash truck passed. On the hood of a strange Jeep parked on our street, we signed our marriage licence while a roofing truck drove by.


“The scaffolding has been erected next to our building for three years. It’s a disgrace, yet it serves as the ideal representation of the city: from one aspect, you see this lovely stoop covered with flowers, and from another, you see this unsightly but necessary scaffolding. The enchantment of New York City is all about perspective, Cory and I have discovered.


We couldn’t imagine being married anyplace else because our stoop feels like the most unique location. Sometimes I’m lugging a lot of stuff and am fatigued when I walk through the door, so I just go inside. But on other days, it strikes me that this structure is associated with so many memories, including our wedding right now.


Maddy and Cory, many thanks!

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