7 Things I Spotted People Wearing in Paris
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7 Things I Spotted People Wearing in Paris

7 Things I Spotted People Wearing in Paris – We just got back from Paris with my mother, and the trip gave us both the boost we needed. (Thank you for the recommendations!) In the meanwhile, just for fun, I wanted to share a few things we saw people wearing. I’m excited to post a longer recap in a few days, including where we stayed and ate. Here we go


1 – This isn’t breaking news, but I was once more struck by how many French ladies wear their hair windswept and unpolished, as opposed to nicely styled. Some amusing proof? Other shop owners began speaking to me in French after I stopped brushing my hair in the middle of our journey, and no less than three elderly French women came up to ask me for directions. (The three best times in my life, hehe.)


2 – Holy smokes, the sac banane is A Thing in Paris, according to a recent article by Jannelle on fanny packs. The majority appeared to be from Rivedroite, and the XL in military green that was slung over the chest looked particularly fantastic.


3 – Speaking of green, everything was green: shirts, sweaters, blazers, you name it. Do you agree with me that green reads as neutral yet feels a touch more lively than black, navy, or cream?


4 – As usual, there were a lot of people sporting trainers, including Veja, Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, but the brand we saw the most was New Balance. (I really appreciate this ivory pair’s modest profile.)


5 – Pearl rings. We spent a lot of time over the week hanging out with Cassi, a Paris-based friend of my acquaintance who sports a pearl gumball ring. Although I’m not sure if this is a widespread trend in the city, I want to draw attention to it because it was so stunning!



6 – A lot of women wore coats and jackets with belts (even puffers). Not just the traditional beige trench coats, though we did see such, but also many other hues, including red, black, and green (plus).


7 – Everyone, everywhere, at all times, and forever in chunky scarves. They’re such a simple way to dress up a cold-weather clothing. Hilarious story: The airport played a special video on my way home to warn people to take their scarves off before security, and it featured an animated line drawing of a French man wearing a scarf before the scarf floated off of him. That is how it is done!

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