A GIF conveys more than words can, which may explain why they have become a mainstay in modern-day conversations. There is a GIF for every situation and emotion. Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing app, has introduced a slew of new features, including the ability to post GIFs in response to posts and stories.

The GIFs will be pulled from the online GIF database GIPHY, according to the most recent report. Instagram has long allowed users to post GIF stickers to their stories, but sharing them in replies has been impossible.

According to reports, the feature is being rolled out in phases and will most likely be expanded in the coming weeks. The steps below are for those who can post GIFs for stories and posts.

How to Respond Using GIFs: [Instagram Lets Users Post GIFs In Comments]

1 – In the Send Message or comment box, type a keyword related to the GIF.

2 – Tap on the GIF icon.

3 – GIFs from the GIPHY library will be displayed.

4 – Tap on the GIF of your choice and press enter.

Aside from GIFs in replies, the social media app has added a new set of features to give users more control. The ‘Not Interested’ button and ‘Quiet Mode’ are also available. [Instagram Lets Users Post GIFs In Comments]

Instagram introduced Quiet Mode and Not Interested Modes in January of this year. Quiet Mode, according to the platform, was created to help users focus and set boundaries with their friends and followers. Users will be unable to receive notifications once the feature is enabled. The profiles will be set to ‘In Quiet Mode,’ and any DMs will be automatically responded to. Initially, the feature was available in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the company intends to expand the feature to more countries.

‘Not Interested,’ another feature, assists users in managing recommendations. While users could previously hide comments and direct messages, Instagram has now expanded the feature to recommended posts. When a user selects ‘Not Interested’ in a post, Instagram will no longer show similar posts to that user in the future. [Instagram Lets Users Post GIFs In Comments]