In the last few months, our working lives have changed yet again. After nearly two years of working in isolation, most of us have returned to the office. But, with many of our colleagues still working from home or remote locations, we haven’t given up on video meetings and long conference calls.

This means having earphones on hand for the numerous calls I have to log into while at work. And if they’re noise-cancelling earphones, they’ll help me isolate even in an open office setting. This is where a product like the Jabra Elite 5 comes in handy.

Jabra Elite 5 wireless headset [Perfect Earphone For Office]

As we’ve come to expect from Jabra, the Jabra Elite 5 are a pair of compact truly wireless earphones. In fact, the Jabra brand comes with a sense of balance, a guarantee that it can manage both your work and entertainment needs seamlessly.

To begin, the design is such that no one will mind if you wear these all day at work. And the fit is perfect, even without the use of any silicone fins. If I’m on a long, unproductive call, I have a habit of walking briskly around the office. At the very least, I’ll be able to increase my daily steps during this time. And despite all of that, the Jabra Elite 5 remained firmly in place, as I am confident it will if you take it for an early morning run.

Why is it called hybrid active noise cancellation by Jabra?

Hybrid ANC attempts to provide the best noise cancellation possible by processing noises captured by both feedback and feedforward microphones. This means that it should be able to reduce both ambient and specific noises.

The Jabra Elite 5 performs admirably, but it is not the best ANC I have recently used — that honour goes to the Apple AirPods Pro 2. However, it is sufficient to silence the drone of the chimney in my open kitchen, which is the most annoying when I am trying to write early in the morning. You can easily switch to transparency mode or turn off the ANC entirely using the Jabra Sound+ app.

When I was taking calls at my desk, with all the newsroom activity going on around me, I found the ANC to be very effective. [Perfect Earphone For Office]

Indeed, Jabra’s 6-mic call technology makes the Elite 5 ideal for those who are constantly on the phone or on Zoom. Even as I walked around my apartment complex on a windy February evening, the mics were able to cut out the background noise and process only what was required for the call.

How good is the Jabra Elite 5 when it comes to music?

Given that Jabra originated in a corporate setting, I’ve always found the audio profile of Jabra earphones to be very balanced. It is not attempting to knock you out with extra bass or beats.

My morning playlist of Carnatic Fusion songs ranged from Saindhavi’s rendition of Raghuvamsa Sudha to Sreevalsan J Menon’s Yamuna. In fact, I consider the Elite 5 to be one of the best earphones I’ve used for listening to vocal-heavy compositions. [Perfect Earphone For Office]

However, you can get a bass boost or go sharper with more treble by using the app. In fact, a bass-boosted track like Ai Papi sounded more rounded on the Elite 5 than the booming effect that most other earphones produce these days. However, bassheads will be disappointed with this bass; they will require more boost.

How long does the battery last?

Most people can use the earphones for an entire workday on a single charge. You can repeat this cycle up to four times with the case without having to return to the charger.

The Jabra Elite 5 is compatible with all voice assistants. In fact, the Alexa app detects that the phone is paired with an Elite 5 that supports Alexa. Voice commands work flawlessly, though I have yet to master the art of remembering to use these assistants. [Perfect Earphone For Office]

Another feature I really liked was the Spotify Tap option, which allows you to start playing music from the streaming service with a double tap on the left earphones.

The app can then be used to locate the Jabra Elite 5 if you have forgotten where you left them. This is a feature that all premium TWS should now provide.

Should you invest in the Jabra Elite 5?

Yes, if you’re looking for a single device that can serve both your work and play needs. If you want a high-end audiophile experience, the Elite 5 is not the best choice. At Rs 14,999, this is less expensive than the Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds Pro, which works in its favour. [Perfect Earphone For Office]